FN Medium Window Pintle

12.7x99mm NATO (.50 cal)
"FN Medium Window Pintle"
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Taking advantage of its leading position in firearms design and manufacturing, FN Herstal started to expand its product portfolio by developing and producing integrated weapon systems for installation onto or into major aircraft types.

More than just selling weapon systems, FN Herstal develops the complete integration of the system together with the helicopter manufacturer or directly with the end user, supervises the installation of all its products and provides operator training as well as a high quality after-sales service to meet the customers' requirements.

FN Herstal's airborne pintle weapon systems can integrate two different weapons - a 7.62x51mm NATO FN MAG® 58M or a .50 cal FN M3M™ (GAU-21) machine gun - and feature three different configurations  - either window-, door- or ramp-mounted.


The FN Medium Window Pintle Weapon System - or FN MWP™ - includes the following:

  • a .50 cal FN M3M™ machine gun with spade grips
  • a medium pintle head - or FN MPH™ - including a soft mount
  • a column located between the pintle head and the connection
  • a medium window pintle connection (specific to the carrier)
  • a feeding kit including an ammunition box and a feed chute
  • an ejection kit including a links and cases collector and an ejection chute


  • Fully Safe and Reliable

    The FN MWP™ is completely mechanical and does not require any external energy, allowing the gunner to fire and defend the crew even if power is lost onboard.

    The .50 Cal. FN M3M™ fires in open bolt mode, preventing any cook-off risks and ensuring full safety and reliability.

    The FN MWP™ features travel locks, azimuth and elevation stops for increased safety and a safety lever to prevent any accidental firing.

  • Easy to Control

    The .50 cal FN M3M™ machine gun features spade grips for increased control.

    Additionally, the weapon is mounted on a soft mount that absorbs the recoil forces, ensuring outstanding balance and great comfort during firing.
  • Sustained Fire Capability

    High volumes of fire are guaranteed - 1,025 ± 75 RPM (adjustable) - thanks to the open bolt firing mechanism that prevents any cook-off risks.
  • High Hit Probability

    The design of the mount and the positioning of the handles on the mount itself - and not on the weapon - account for outstanding balance during firing and hence, optimized accuracy.
  • High Ammo Capacity

    Standard ammo capacity is 600 rounds; however, 300 round boxes are also available.
  • Wide Angle Capability

    Wide angle operation is obtained with -70° in depression, +0° in elevation and 180° horizontally.
  • Long Range Capability

    The FN MWP™ features a standard anti-aircraft sight and can be equipped with various optional optical sights.


The FN Medium Window Pintle Weapon System is able to fulfill the following missions:

    •  Suppressive fire against light armored vehicles
    •  Suppressive fire in landing zones
    •  Ground and aerial threat suppression (.50 cal APEI ammunition)
    •  Training

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